Party members and cadres to help farmers sell vegetables

thinking of planting green onions out of poverty, but did not expect is that the green onion harvest, but suffered a slow-moving.

these days, the town of Huangzhong County, the town of poor households in the village of Li Qilin anxious with the hot pot like ants.

can not afford to work hard for months to pay ah!" Li Qilin is worried about the market, the town Party members and cadres to help him find a market, which let Li Qilin see the hope of poverty.

this year, according to the principle of voluntary Lijiashan town of precise poverty alleviation policy, Li Qilin proposed the onion planting willingness to Lijiashan town government, he planted 0.27 hectares of green in the poverty alleviation funds help, but did not expect to encounter the slow-moving.

last year to see someone else’s onions sell well, through the town of poverty alleviation projects this year, I also planted some, who knows this year but can not sell the price." Li Qilin said.

like Li Qilin suddenly encountered the plight of poor green onions households, there are 7 households in their village, we are very anxious.

in that the dilemma of the villagers, Li Shan town government organization of Party members and cadres first came to the river village, help the villagers received scallions, and the onion pulled into the market for retail enterprises, also, to help farmers sell slow-moving onions.

The government

Lijiashan town vice mayor Feng Lanzi told reporters, bay village is one of the impoverished village of the town of poverty this year, according to the principle of voluntary farmers and the newspaper industry to support the project, Li Shan town government in strict accordance with the relevant policies and regulations for poverty alleviation, given the development of industrial projects of poor households the poverty alleviation funds. At the same time, the poor households on a regular basis to visit, to help poor families to solve practical difficulties, to protect the income, and constantly strengthen the confidence of poor households out of poverty, to ensure the completion of the task of poverty alleviation.

in order to avoid the phenomenon of unmarketable agricultural products occur again, the town government decided to invite farmers and animal husbandry experts on poor households to carry out technical and market guidance to reduce the loss of farmers to ensure revenue.