11 fixed checkpoints thorough investigation of vehicles

reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, from March 5th onwards, the construction of public security, urban management, department personnel, 11 fixed checkpoints vehicle inspection work resumed the crucial stage of the comprehensive management of air pollution in our city is established, the implementation of 24 24-hour inspection.

at present, the city into the spring climate warming, the city’s demolition, construction sites, muck excavation site will enter the peak period of construction, but also the construction of waste and construction waste rush season. In order to consolidate the achievements of the crucial stage of the comprehensive management of air pollution in our city, standardize operation pull muck, curb road dust and motor vehicle pollution, air pollution control work to ensure the effectiveness of this year, from March 5th onwards, the restoration of 11 fixed checkpoints vehicle inspection work in our city, strict check muck and building materials transport and other types of illegal motor vehicle violations.

reporter learned that, according to the needs of work, the city from the public security, urban management, construction department transferred 150 inspection teams. Mainly in the heavy and medium truck and low-speed truck, three cars as the key inspection content, taking into account the "black smoke" vehicles, illegal entry into the restricted area of yellow car and pull coal vehicle inspection and material. There will also check whether the vehicle for motor vehicle registration, whether to participate in the annual inspection of motor vehicle safety, vehicle exhaust inspection, sediment transport vehicles belonging to whether the company license, upon examination and approval by the Municipal Urban Management Bureau is Urban Management Bureau muck vehicle transportation company registered audit vehicles, sediment transport vehicles are required to install the GPS device, whether there is a closed device loading, the existence of "stand out" phenomenon.

in addition, the economic and Technological Development Zone of the industrial park and the three counties in accordance with the actual situation, to organize their own muck vehicle inspection and enforcement work, set up vehicle checkpoints, carry out the corresponding vehicle inspection.