A credit also needs to be treated with caution the whole


is a frequent visitor, many bosses think that people generally are not afraid of credit or back, so in the stores in almost all VIP credit. In fact, the shop process, we will encounter all kinds of customers. For a long time, some regular customers coming to the shop because no money and credit, honest customers will also timely on arrears, but some of those "insiders" customers, once the goods on credit to him, 35 years or even decades are not to pay back the money.

one night last winter, a visitor entered the store said: "girl, next to my boss told me to play mahjong mahjong, I have no money, borrowed 300 yuan in you here? Give it back to you tomorrow." Because the customer is a frequent visitor to my store, never credit posting, I think confidence is OK, because of the sensibilities of me directly from the drawer take out 300 yuan to him. I didn’t think the customer had been in my store for a long time since I borrowed the money. This year the Dragon Boat Festival, the customer came to my shop again, when I mention borrowing money, he said that the second days back to me, a few arguments invalid, had to admit bad luck.

When the

business is usually idle, even if there is a guest on credit, can also be crystal clear, afraid of the people, this is busy, then credit is likely to correctly, so as to give account of the trouble. And near the end of the year, but also to remind the majority of users want to retail company, credit for customers, must be careful and cautious, to change, to avoid deceived.