Luzhou Lao Jiao gold series of wine to join the brand strength

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Luzhou wine series has become the first choice for you to join the liquor industry, the liquor industry in the steady pursuit of Luzhou Luzhou gold series of wine favored by investors. Food, music, water is brewing wine raw materials Luzhou Lao Jiao gold series "Sanjue", constitute the basis of brewing culture Luzhou Lao Jiao gold series of wine. Water is the blood of wine, food is the flesh of wine, and the wine is

Luzhou gold series wine to join the money?

sorghum in all food crops in the most suitable for liquor brewing raw materials, better than grains, and Luzhou specialty waxy red sorghum is the quality of sorghum. Waxy Red Sorghum thin skin rosy, plump, short and stout stem, large spike and grain rich precipitation, natural plant, low content of impurities, high nutrient content, starch content was 62.8%, the rate of amylopectin is more than 90%, a large number of amylopectin, especially to wine and paste, rich in tannins anthocyanin composition, microbial phenolic compounds can be endowed with Yuan unique fragrant liquor.

delicious Luzhou gold medal series of wine to join the project, open a company of its own Luzhou wine series franchise, is also a very good choice. Successful business, joined the Luzhou wine series? Very good choice to join the project!