Whether the purchase of the policy to change the phenomenon of Beijing business to play a role The w

in Beijing, many people have the housing demand, for the majority of workers in Beijing people, buying a house is more difficult in the continuous release after the purchase of the policy, Beijing city recently issued "on the further strengthening of commercial and office projects management notice", became the first of the city’s property purchase restrictions.

this announcement, commercial and office projects (hereinafter referred to as commercial office projects) shall be in strict accordance with the planning application development, construction and sale, use, without approval, shall not change for residential use; individual purchase shall comply with the following conditions: under the name of non housing and business class property records in beijing. On the date of purchase, in Beijing for five consecutive years to pay social insurance or pay personal income tax for a period of five years. At the same time also provides for commercial banks to suspend the purchase of individual purchase of personal loans.

commercial housing exists for a long time, but the real thing to buy, is the first time.

Beijing commercial housing purchase policy can fall? This policy will bring what impact? Legal Daily reporter launched an investigation.

real estate agencies are implementing rules

Beijing commercial housing purchase announcement, the reporter interviewed a number of real estate agencies in Beijing.

real estate rental service platform anjuke staff told reporters, "commercial housing is divided into two categories, there is a kind of commercial housing business, in the project such as the hotel, the general house we can see is that there is no natural gas, this kind of commercial housing is not a person to buy the name, only is the enterprises or companies to buy. There is a class of commercial housing in the project for the purpose of the apartment, apartment type housing can also be able to live office, individuals can buy".

a lot of business to change the living environment, will certainly win people’s recognition, to bring people a different experience, it is worthy of recognition. Beijing Municipal Construction Committee official micro news release, Beijing SouFun independent real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. announced the world to change the project information, are false advertising business class housing residential purposes.

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