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pine recorded in the original Hong Kong style snacks snacks egg on collocation secret cream, ice cream and fresh fruit, chocolate beans, dried meat floss, Oreo, taste and aroma of egg young complement each other, make people forget, lead a person to endless aftertastes. Remember the pine Hong Kong style snacks franchise, egg young has a special process for their own production, each link has a very strict grasp of the raw materials used have been carey selected, not only from the source to ensure the taste of products.

recorded a total of 13 pine food categories, 84 products, and constantly introduce seasonal food, ensure the quality of the category of stores, the maximum to meet all levels of customer needs in the snack. Zhi Zi Zi Zi Zi Zi Zi is used to do the way, the entire production process can be clearly seen, to ensure the quality and taste, so that consumers eat more at ease. The use of ice cream and cream for the use of imported raw materials. Ice cream milk juice as the United States imported from New Zealand, cream of high quality milk powder processing, not only makes the taste better, product design is more abundant, more attractive, make you confident to meet market competition, easily embrace the guests.

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