After 80 undergraduate money tiger venture when CEO

is a class of young people full of vigor, do not let their youth are wasted, don’t waste on unimportant things, some young people are our role models, such as the young man today he is returning from abroad after their own business when CEO, now the company’s business is booming, what is how can one create this business what?

people do not frivolous waste young

don’t look at the money now diligently do tiger entrepreneurship, but he was young. After 08 years, he went to New York University to study law. He said, not to go abroad to find work and find a good job, but in order to broaden their horizons, enhance the ability to exercise their own experience, take charge as chief of the. More than a year of life in New York, really let him gain a lot, got a master’s degree, passed the New York lawyer license, received the Manhattan internship experience, and even have the opportunity to stay in Manhattan, the New York lawyer, a well paid, secure and glamorous life.


said that although the money tiger said, 5 years of law, but he does not love to be a lawyer. A divergent thinking, active behavior of people how to do careful and rigorous, well behaved things, which in itself is not adjusted. In the end he gave up the opportunity offered by American law firms, with a simple idea, he chose to return home with enthusiasm.

this is he of a listed company in the United States to idea: want to do a kind of auction website, participants can auction price what you want, but also in the bidding process to design some points of the game, make it fun stimulus. But because of a green hand empty have a cavity blood, do not know much about the technical factor and China market, his business after they died on half a year.

pear hill big analyst experience

said that it is money tiger, young, unyielding, young want to toss it, want to prove themselves, one step on the cloud, and then the light of heart from care of life. After the first venture failed, he chose a more exciting, also can make a lot of money, fast money Occupation: foreign securities companies outside the gold futures analyst. Because of his interest, he began to learn a great deal with the economics of Tsinghua University professor of economics courses, usually nothing to love their own research, do some futures trading practice. However, the real futures analyst, he deeply felt the pressure of the industry.

he said, do futures analysts did not think so simple. To stare at the computer every day to see the market, analysis, analysis, although people in the country, but to follow the foreign time walk, sometimes is London time, sometimes is New York time; every day look at each big website, international news, financial news, also can not ignore the social news, sometimes even China Boyle are dynamic may be recommended