Beauty salon franchise can not only sell products and services

opened a beauty salon franchise, we are mainly to provide customers with good service, and by the way to sell a little product, which is the main source of income of beauty salon franchise. Is that so? In fact, a good beauty salon in addition to selling services and products, but also can sell a lot of things, such as image, atmosphere, intelligence, and even people!

A, to sell the image

two, sell

atmosphereHow to

an increase of the beautician exchange of learning opportunities and allows the beautician for technical grade evaluation between each other, and this evaluation together as a monthly bonus number of beautician credentials; and these activities the main purpose is to create a good business atmosphere, to make occasional consumption in the time of the customer can instantly feel the atmosphere, we think business is very formal, very professional service. Many beauty salons are indifferent to such atmosphere, the business is slack time, let the staff to do personal business or in love, often scared to patronize guests, and give them this left a very bad impression.

four, intelligence

five, selling technology