Channel up to the world 2014 the successful conclusion of the gold medal award winners announced

"canal up to the world · 2014 – channel network strategy and Jin Rui award ceremony" in December 18, 2014 in Beijing Kerry Center curtain. The presence of more than 500 guests, all the companies witnessed the golden Rui award, the final announcement.

2014 Jin Rui award   winners list as follows:

1, won the 2014 brand influence award corporate brand:

2, access to channel development award in 2014 enterprise brand:

3, access to innovation and innovation in 2014, the company’s brand:

4, access to the 2014 Enterprise Award for enterprise brand:

5, won the 2014 terminal support award corporate brand:

6, won the 2014 best channel team award for corporate brands:

in addition, on 2014 with outstanding contribution in the channel construction industry person. Best channel Leadership Award:

"channel of the world · 2014" has ended, but the competition and efforts have never stopped, this is a successful and innovative of the general assembly, at the same time, it is also a change of the general assembly. This is a talk about the future development of small and medium-sized enterprises of the general assembly, is the channel construction practitioners to join hands in creating the future of the general assembly!