8 years of contributions to the public for the sake of recognition of the 200 thousand common love

man donated 200 thousand years in the past 8 years, he recently called to the newspaper hoping to praise. Zhang Jinbiao said that the move is expected to be able to promote positive energy stories so that more people are infected, to become like him.

advertising board table

personal stories

2 17 in the morning of 10 pm, two District Dongsheng Street and Lok Road intersection westbound 50 meters, "a second" barbecue shop, Zhang Jinbiao is doing business before. The head is medium, the face is fat, the hair is little. Zhang Jinbiao and "please," starring Wei Fan praised me some likeness.

more than and 100 square meters in the shop, Zhang Jinbiao will be his story produced two pieces of boards. It reads: Changchun good man born in January 1970, two district CPPCC members, members of the District Committee of the two district, the district inspectors in the District of the public, in 2014 was elected as a good man in Changchun, in. Next, is the good thing Zhang Jinbiao has done since 2007, such as donations, condolences to the poor people, as well as a variety of proposals at the CPPCC session.

Zhang Jinbiao verification on the billboards deeds is not difficult, "Changchun good Zhang Jinbiao" on the Internet, pop-up information or more, this shows that Zhang Jinbiao is not the lack of praise. In 2012, when the food stalls open his resting place and free water on the newspaper for parents whose children are in the senior high school entrance examination, do good deeds, but also on TV "face", and in 2013 he proposed: to advocate the street hotel bathroom for free use, through a variety of media reports caused by the social concern.

to achieve the first wish

1990, Zhang Jinbiao’s first wish came true