Dessert to join the election of the British point of business starting from here

is now able to impress consumers catering brands need to meet the following requirements: there are product features, fashion style, delicious nutrition and health. Even desserts can meet your needs. British point of the dessert, breaking the traditional dessert mode, give you different dessert consumption experience.

The British

friction dessert to join the project as long as 5 square meters to 10 square meters will be able to set up shop, community, commercial street, School of business, can set the window into the store, shop, takeaway meals, goods distribution, anchored supermarkets, fixed-point units, flexible sale mode allows the franchisee to operate without worry.

The British

friction dessert investment companies since 2000 in Guangzhou opened the first, since the characteristics of Taiwan pearl milk tea beverage outlets, has been committed to the small capital of the catering business, to accurately grasp the dynamic small capital catering market at the same time, to seize the opportunity to lead the development of catering market, focus on the development of fashion the characteristics, nutrition and health, food and beverage brands, is currently the first professional in Taiwan’s newest special snack as the main food chain stores.

in the past ten years of development, the friction dessert company has been to promote the development of the catering industry, as partners to maximize profits for the mission, to grow together, share "as our business philosophy, to the letter first, is for the customer, success is our success" for the enterprise vision, painstaking research and development of a series of unique fashion catering projects, and these projects successfully extended to the whole country, created the first brand Chinese successful operation characteristics of small catering


British point dessert, a unique business model, so you just set up shop business is very hot, the only real can not do without thinking, entrepreneurship, definitely worth your choice of a good project.