Between peers with tolerance as the whole

when it comes to peers, a lot of people may think of the enemy, the same street in the same shop, the owner almost no communication. Recently, I see such a scene: two adjacent vendors sell oranges, because business competition and upgrade to strike violently, the fight at outrance pinch, and finally lose.

As the saying goes, "

is a friend". I think that the peer is the enemy of the old ideas, not only harm and harm. So, in business activities, if you encounter some competitors, wise businessman should avoid direct competition with competitors, but to forgive the harmonious management, because the mall wealth gas supply, who will make no sense of performance.

some people may say that tolerance is cowardly, timid. But I think that tolerance is a kind of wisdom, a kind of open-minded, a virtue. Whether in business or life, too care about their own gains and losses, will not be open to accommodate the negligence of others, because of some trivial quarrel and conflict with others, it will lose many friends, not only influence each other’s feelings, and once emotion, beyond the moral bottom line, even offend the law. Here, I would like to give you talk about the dealers who are tolerant, harmonious operation of the four point benefits:

one is mutual benefit. When the store is out of stock, and your customers need different grades of products, customers can be introduced to competitors, and the formation of a "mutually beneficial" alliance of pairs, to achieve win-win situation. Therefore, in the operation must be treated with a tolerant heart of competition, not to hurt the air, to the enemy as a friend, to learn to seek mutual benefit and coexistence of the road.

two is the scale effect. Take a shop for example, if a shop opened there, customers may not be more, because there is no competition, there is no comparison, there is no room for selection. If there are more than a dozen shops open there, it will naturally form a market or market, shopping customers will be more, consumers will buy. So, do not just see the peer competition, but also focus on market size effect.

three is to improve yourself. Travelers should learn tolerance to view their competitors, life has a real opponent is a pleasure, a good thing, because the opponent will improve themselves, will enhance their motivation and ability. Of course, peers can also learn from each other, learn from each other, the business is better.

four is mutual replenishment. Sometimes you have a weak bargaining power, bringing together a few peers, may be able to get more bargaining chips. In other words, the most direct competitors, there are often a lot of similar places, we can form a consensus, common procurement of goods, not only can use a large single to obtain a more favorable price, and in order to