Four less than breaking up spilled gasoline burning lover was sentenced to 7 years

now has become a social affair, one of the main social reasons, a serious harm to the social stability and the stability of family and mistress have also become a thing of the past, the fourth fifth is a community wide concern.


this year Valentine’s tear force to the more recently, Songjiang Gong was his lover Miss Wu gasoline on fire, resulting in deep burn area of more than 50%. The reason for the fact that Miss Wu was dissatisfied with their breakup fee, less than Mr. Gong’s other lover.

it is reported that Mr. Gong and Miss Wu met at a gathering of friends, two people living together soon. When he learned that Mr. Gong has a husband, Miss Wu said don’t mind, Mr. Gong promised to give her 20 thousand yuan per month for expenses. In this way, the two men remain married for up to 4 years. After his wife was aware of the relationship with Miss Wu and Mr. Wu will be proposed to break up with Miss Wu, the two sides agreed to Mr. Wu Gong 400 thousand yuan fee. Who knows, Miss Wu know that there are four small Gong, and the other party broke up as much as 1 million. So they staged a fire lover’s tragedy, Miss Wu bought gasoline, with a lighter, came to the home of Mr. Gong, the gasoline poured into Mr. Gong body, fire quickly, Miss Wu himself also stained with oil burning, two people down the stairs.

? See this news, the harm should make a lot of people to re-examine the affair, an affair is not only harmful to the family life of peace, but also a threat to his own life, so it is intolerable.


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