Expert advice Wuhan entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to do content

to do the content of entrepreneurs, in order to have an absolute competitiveness, to win a huge opportunity for themselves. The development of intelligent technology, not only bring convenience to people’s lives, but also provides entrepreneurial direction for entrepreneurs.

VR& AR applications are video games, event broadcast, video entertainment, health care, real estate, retail, education, engineering and military. According to Goldman Sachs analysts concluded that VR and AR have the potential to become the next important computing platform, as PC and smart phones. VR and AR market size will reach tens of billions of dollars, and may be like the emergence of PC as the rules of the game to subvert the.

the event opened up a piece of VR& AR experience exhibition area, fun shooting game, let you enjoy the real adventure in the jungle; no decoration of the house, let you see the station directly after the decoration effect in the middle of the room…… In the interview, Yang Lei, founder of Huashan capital and other chiefs believe that in VR& AR industry to achieve technological development and innovation, Wuhan, Optics Valley has great potential.



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