Do inventory of business help

a lot of people shop to do business, if only the sale of goods, so that the work can be done in place, however, how the inventory of goods, which is about to expire but do not know. If this is a business state, I am afraid that the store’s merchandise sales will have a very negative impact. So, if the shop to do business, but also need to do inventory.

in daily sales, inventory of goods is a very meticulous work. Once a customer bought a "hot" in my shop, took second days to come back, said the water is not burning hot. I went to the dealer where the exchange, the results of the dealer said that this is the last year of goods, manufacturers have not produced, can not be returned.

no, I had nothing to give back the money, the customer, the "heating" into the dustbin. Since then, I have a sense of inventory inventory. Every week, I will make a day, all the goods inventory once, all expired goods in a timely manner and dealers to replace the new.

in food sales, more careful inventory, especially cakes, bread like food, valid for very short, if not timely inventory check, it may be "a fish escaped through the seine". Food counter I was a day of inventory, the shelf life of the food is always placed in front of the shelves, allowing customers to see and then buy.

and do inventory can also remind me according to the temperature conditions, change the location of different goods store, re display of goods, kill two birds with one stone. Such as sauce, in the summer, because the temperature is high, it is easy to burst in the bag, I will keep the inventory at the same time, this kind of afraid of heated merchandise into the shade, and the freezing winter beer, can not be placed in very cold places.

do inventory work, to allow the store to operate more secure, not only can get more customer recognition, but also to make the loss of smaller shops. So, if you are a shop to do business, can not ignore the inventory of this work, you need to do inventory, do not be afraid of trouble oh.