nternet hospital into Tongling

with the advent of the Internet era, the Internet is not only an important role in the field of life in the economic field, in the medical field has its own advantages. Today morning, the province’s first mobile Internet hospital patients mobile service platform "officially launched, at the same time, WeChat, WeChat, in Tongling People’s Hospital city public service window, Alipay service window and Alipay City Service wisdom hospital and other four entrance is open to the public," Internet plus "power Tongling People’s Hospital medical service mode and service concept of success transformation and upgrading.

to the hospital in the window does not require long queues, also do not need to download and install APP, with only mobile phone binding clinic card, you can enjoy complete whenever and wherever possible from the outpatient service to hospital, from pre hospital to hospital, from the information flow to the flow of funds, from health care to the whole process of health service."

hospital, party secretary, President Dai Yan said that with the mobile service platform to take "hospital internal platform + WeChat + Alipay entrance entrance" mode, with no need to download and install third party APP, only WeChat or Alipay in the public service window, you can visit the "Tongling People’s Hospital" and call with mobile service system function. Get smart guide, appointment registration, registration, payment, the doctor check bill, check inspection reports and feedback customer satisfaction, hospital navigation, health information and medical services were moved closed, on-line service platform will be the people’s Hospital of Tongling, effectively solve the queue queue, medical payment queue for a long time "three long" problem in a hard and useful attempt.

is an open mobile Internet hospital "medical service connector", patients with mobile service platform is directly connected with the hospital, the medical information from third party interference, which is quite different from the way through the third party platform, medical information more symmetrical and transparent, doctor, source and line on the platform under the agreement, real-time updates to ensure the fairness of public medical care.

with the continuous development of science and technology, the Internet has been used more in life, the advent of the Internet hospital for the people to see a doctor provides a great convenience. It is understood that the platform launched on August 19, 2015 and run, the rapid accumulation of the number of users more than 25 thousand people, the number of pay over more than 50000 times, a total of more than 300 large and medium-sized hospitals built mobile Internet hospital, not only convenient for the patients, but also reduce the window staff pressure, save medical resources, the platform is widely praised by users. After the platform on the line, the patient will be more smooth flow of treatment, doctors can also be freed from the complex affairs of work, more focused on diagnosis and treatment, better service to patients, so that the nature of medical services to return.

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