These six talents will help you succeed in business

everyone wants to succeed in business, but not everyone can succeed. As the saying goes, there is no panacea for entrepreneurial success, but your team often determines the success or failure of start-up companies, entrepreneurs Bernd  Schoner said.

Bernd  Schoner (MIT) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a doctorate, and is co-founder of RFID technology enterprise Thingmagic in 2010, he sold the company to Trimble  Navigation, the total price of the acquisition is unknown.

Thingmagic has an original team composed of five Co founders. But as of the company’s takeover, Bernd , Schoner, said that there were only two people left, which led him to think more deeply about team dynamics.

"in a typical high-tech company or enterprise, people are more reasonable to assume a role, I think, if you pay particular attention to this point, then your chances of success will rise."   Bernd  Schoner theory. He wrote this book: the survival guide for high-tech entrepreneurs, is about to be published.

although some companies began when only one or two employees, but Bernd  Schoner said, the most critical; six types of people, he believes that there are six kinds of key people, can form a great team. Here is his dream team lineup:

First: unconstrained technical genius

Bernd , Schoner says, it is often important for a company to have someone who can give orders.

"for the larger team founder, if at the same time, there are five different views, and are equally important, so this situation is very difficult. Democracy is great, but it is not the." Bernd  Schoner says. "A leader or CEO doesn’t always have to be right, but it’s a good thing that you need someone who is a leader who can be respected by others."

Bernd , Schoner says, is often lacking in a young entrepreneurial team, but he stresses that the team