Pakistan fisherman’s health fish hot pot to join the advantage

fish has been one of the essential dishes on the table, because of its rich nutrition, delicious taste, has been the world’s favorite. Take a single fish, the cooking method to count, and alone in some way independent brand catering project is beyond count, Pakistan, Pakistan fish Ding crispy fish fisherman is one of them.

Ding Ba Crispy Fish origin spread. According to the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the county magistrate Wang Erjian Baxian incognito under the Yangtze River to the Yangtze River Estuary, the river winds hit, bursts of fragrance, Wang Erjian with sweet look, see the river beyond 100 meters have boiled fish, an old fisherman with tripod pot curiosity, near to assail the nostrils, instantly appetite, which is charged for the following a bowl, Wang Erjian after repeatedly telling, unexpectedly such delicacies, earthly Yiyouweijin, to discuss the practice of the old fisherman, the old fisherman had drifted away, only smiled but did not reply, Wang Erjian sighed and said, so delicious, then fear to say, Zhennai Pakistan river water, Ding Ba Baba Crispy Fish. The fish which is named after the old fisherman, Pakistan and Baba fish story so far. "Pakistani fishermen" reproduction of the delicious health of the Palestinian fish, so that the world once again tasted the delicious delicious!

Pakistani fishermen to fish health Hot pot shop are Hot pot series mainly uses fresh water fish, silver carp, mullet, Hualian mandarin fish and other fish as the main material, the original red soup, green color Ding crispy rice Pakistan fish pot, pickled fish new spicy pickled fish pot, pot bottom, and Fish in Sour Soup mellow beauty tomato fish pot series in the aspect of flavor. Continue to create a new type of fish hot pot series, breaking the traditional pattern of fish hot pot. Prominent in the style of a strong Palestinian cultural characteristics, the layout of the layout and the effect of the use of the Palestinian culture show incisively and vividly, you can enjoy the original taste of fish to eat, but also drink health soup products, young and old. At the same time to eat special fish can rinse all old rinse dishes Hot pot can taste better, more can make you a real treat.

Palestinian fisherman health fish hot pot attention to the details of the taste buds to enjoy, will be the most healthy, the most delicious food dedicated to you, so that you eat a healthy, eat delicious, eat the wisdom!

Pakistan country fisherman fish hot pot to join the advantages:

1 brand advantage: copy a mature brand and efficient management and years of successful management experience; sharing dozens of famous trademarks and brand honor, will venture down to the bottom line is Chongqing Baba fish purpose! The mention of "Ba" thought of the Yangtze River and Jialing River surrounded Chongqing, two rivers on the thought of know there’s lots of fish! "Baba fish" is the name card of Chongqing fish Hot pot


2, jiamengfei advantages: very low initial fee to buy four kinds of products (spicy fish, fish Hot pot, Hot pot tomato pickled fish, wild fish Hot pot Hot pot), cost-effective


3, variety and seasonal advantage: tomato fish hot pot, pickled fish