43 year old Niu Li against the growth of white beauty shine better than before

actor Niu Li is a frequent visitor to the Spring Festival Gala, almost every year to play in pieces. Recently, 43 year old Niu Li drying out a group of photos of their own, white skin, good complexion, so that users rely on inverse growth.

Niu Li drying out the photos, the accompanying text called "watch comfortably in taiwan! Annual flowers!"

netizens comment "three words, inverse growth" and "face I become so sharp, thin?"


70 Niu Li, was born in the sports family, is a figure swimming team background, from 1993 began to shoot TV series, has been photographed more than and 30.


earlier online news broke Niu Li play thin face needle. Allegedly, Niu Li monthly beauty spending is not a few million, met filming on the show, the Spring Festival and other important opportunity to show his face, but also spared no expense of their packaging, so this fight face lift on the needles, needles and other beauty speculation is not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

and Niu Li talk about their skin care tips, Niu Li said that because he loves clean, so every day must be thoroughly clean the face, even if they don’t do other maintenance.

and nutritious soup do a good taste, even in the crew, will buy a pot to pack their own soup or fruit tremella soup, perhaps it is for this reason, so the skin is particularly good.

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