How to deal with the fault of customers

to do business is really what kind of people will encounter, some customers are divided into books, buy a thing even counter-offer will not. Some customers are not only poor attitude, but also a variety of fault. As a retail household, we all sigh, easy to open a shop, but it is difficult to keep the shop. To open a qualified smoke Hotel is more difficult. Because will meet the customers of every hue opened the door every day we meet customers, the majority of people is very good, but there are a few customers in order to seek a small profit, all trying to embarrass us often to the store owner, finding fault.

in the course of our cigarette business, I believe there are a lot of retail households and I have a personal experience, that is, the customer deliberately give us the owner to find things difficult to think of the owner of our shop. Pro, in this case, our retail customers should be how to face it? Today, let us listen to several friends around the retail is how to say it!

Chen Hongyu, Jujube cigarette retail Household in Hubei

shop to do business, to meet the low quality of the customer to the store deliberately finding fault, can hardly be avoided. Long ago, I met several times to find a home store customer, thought the shop to do business, Shishuba yuan met the customer said smoke be nothing difficult, there are problems in the smoke, drink drink problem has changed, feel chidiankui suffer losses. It is not necessary, and customer dispute red thick neck. Friendliness is conducive to business success.! But then I shop after another encounter such a thing, I feel like this is not the case.

A day before

, a customer of about 30 years old came to my shop for a round, I also think he is to want what goods, who knows, is to give me deliberately seek to make things difficult. Boss, that day in your store to buy this box of smoke is not good to smoke, you give me a bag, I feel like to buy your cigarette one hundred percent is fake, you see this tobacco is not the same." Customers pretend to know more about cigarettes, in order to reduce the trouble, I do not want to argue with him, a box of cigarettes is not 10 yuan! Give, 10 yuan smoke money back to you."

this event about half a month, they used the same method to store act. This day the husband just at home, on my eyes, I said to the customer: "you wait for a while! Tobacco inspection in my shop not far away, I told the tobacco inspectors contact, let them come to me to sell your cigarette in person identification, if I sell you really fake cigarettes, I will pay you one, you can rest assured." Then I began to pick up the phone on the counter.

at this time, several young people see things wrong, he said: "the boss, a box of cigarettes on the 10 a few dollars, also could not put the tobacco inspectors shaking heaven and earth, move, we have to drive? There’s no time to wait for them in your shop. The bus is coming." Voice just fell, I twisted my face, a few