Qinghai development green Pratt & Whitney loan balance increased significantly compared with the beg

in order to boost the rapid economic development, Qinghai put forward the concept of green Pratt & Whitney, has now been slightly effective, to support a lot of poor areas. 4 reporters from the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch Chinese was informed that in order to better practice the green financial concept, the development of "green inclusive", as of 2016 the end of the 3 quarter, Qinghai green loans 194 billion 334 million yuan, accounting for the province’s foreign currency loans accounted for 35.15%, an increase of 35 billion 437 million yuan over the beginning.

2016 August 19th, Qinghai officially launched the pilot demonstration of Inclusive Finance comprehensive demonstration zone. As the province’s first provincial-level comprehensive demonstration area of finance pilot provinces, Qinghai Province comprehensive demonstration area of finance pilot work has been in full swing.

China according to the people’s Bank of Xining Central Branch of the relevant person in charge of the pilot work of Qinghai inclusive financial comprehensive demonstration area is an important measure to promote accurate poverty and improve the ecological, but also stimulate the vitality of the financial market, minority areas beneficial attempt to enhance the level of financial services, the Qinghai province of poverty alleviation, the realization of "innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing" is of great significance to explore the development of. The people’s Bank of Xining Center branch Chinese through solid precise poverty, promote financial support in agricultural and pastoral areas of financial services to benefit farmers, mobile banking, credit system, green finance and other key work, formed a distinctive, focus Huimin inclusive financial development, has gradually formed the characteristics of less developed ethnic regions of the "Qinghai model" effectively boosting the economic and social development in Qinghai.

2015 years, the Qinghai provincial financial institutions actively organize the implementation of the financial support for poverty alleviation Qinghai action plan, the province’s poverty alleviation service. As of 9 at the end of 2016, the province’s financial institutions to carry out precise poverty financial services in the province of 2444 villages, 138 thousand households completed precise poverty financial services filing work, issuing various types of loans of 3 billion 200 million yuan (including the precise poverty distribution of poor households loans 550 million, 1 billion 70 million industrial relocation loans, loans for poverty alleviation 1 billion 580 million), an increase of 2 billion yuan 167%, growth, effectively solve the part of poor households filing riser in the "double zero" (family net assets is almost zero, the cash flow is zero) under the condition of "loans" problem.

in order to solve the remote areas of Qinghai especially the village level financial services is weak, the province’s financial institutions selected rural cooperative businesses for the agency, relying on the "bank card +POS machine set up low cost and high efficiency of the" agricultural financial service point 4778, to fill the province’s 153 townships, 3177 village based financial services blank, realize farmers and herdsmen "far from the village, nearly out of the village to enjoy small cash business, query convenient financial services, complete the farmers and herdsmen in remote areas of Qinghai province need to drive dozens or hundreds of kilometers to the financial institutions outlets withdrawals of history.