Xiamen enterprises to get government procurement credit loan companies can warm winter

the development of an enterprise, can not do without the correct strategic decisions, but also inseparable from the government’s strong support, with the support of many enterprises in the development of the government can go a long way! Recently, the Municipal Finance Bureau held on credit of government procurement, Construction Bank (601939, shares), China Bank (601988, shares), China Everbright Bank (601818, shares), Industrial Bank (601166, shares), Xiamen city Company limited by guarantee and eight government procurement agency representatives attended the meeting.

reporter learned that, in order to reduce the cost of financing of small and medium-sized enterprises suppliers, promote competition and the construction of credit system in the field of government procurement, from mid July 2016, the Municipal Finance Bureau vigorously promote the government procurement credit within the city. Up to now, the city has nearly a hundred companies to obtain government procurement credit financing of nearly 120 million yuan.

Xiamen enterprises to obtain government procurement credit loans, so that many enterprises have been the actual benefits, so in the market the policy has been unanimously praised. It is reported that government procurement credit is bid by the government procurement (transaction) suppliers with government procurement contracts to commercial banks for credit guarantee institutions guarantee provided by the insurance agencies, or by providing insurance financing (other guarantee bank approved can). The purchaser in the bid (transaction) and suppliers to enter into government procurement contracts, suppliers need to clear the lending bank and the special account in the contract, and in strict accordance with the contract agreed to pay the money to the special account, in order to guarantee the safe recovery of bank loan funds.

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