Entrepreneurship training service car into the beautiful village so that entrepreneurial beauty come

under the jurisdiction of Jiujiang Nan Yi Zhen village this year to enjoy the beauty of new business support, entered the village car service car beauty business, entrepreneurship training, let the villagers saw the beauty of entrepreneurial future, and it will become a reality.

"is the way to get rich" SIYB entrepreneurship training let us go on self employment which is just south town beauty from the heart of the villagers in a word. Since this year, bureau of human resources and the business service car into green fields, in the careful guidance of teachers training, students have learned farmers self employment have proficiency in a particular line, and by planting and breeding characteristics.

this year, relying on the designated training institutions to launch delivery technology to the countryside "Caravan", deep into the line to carry out rural entrepreneurship training, so that the majority of urban and rural workers enjoy entrepreneurship training "fast food" in the home can greatly enhance the business confidence and ability of workers, improve the social idle labor employment space for them business income into a "positive energy".

for rural workers, entrepreneurs want most is the lack of professional skills and capital. Jiujiang entrepreneurs to provide guidance and help in key areas to help rural workers to start their own businesses, entrepreneurship is no longer difficult.

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