No amount of money to join the actual assessment to make money based on whether or not


and compared under the same conditions to join entrepreneurs or hope that through their own efforts, not to rely on themselves to join together to create a brand and market, but this is not possible because it has many advantages to join, not single-handed that can match.

A is at the beginning of the period of concession gold. The franchisee in the early accession must pay a franchise fee, in order to obtain a concession area or district shop, usually join a payment, the money is not returned (including franchise exit).

How much is this

the following factors is the franchisee to assess whether an important condition of "worth it" to join the franchise system:

· visibility value · advertising value · CIS value · gross profit can increase the number of · consumer spending single amount can be increased the number of · the increase in the number of visitors how to increase the number of · · business performance; profit to increase the number of · reduce administrative personnel costs or · business risk

according to the above analysis to join will bring many benefits or cost savings, and then evaluate the jiamengfei is cost-effective. Or to assess its profitability, to less than half of total profit of 10% for the initial fee is reasonable, or the total gross profit a month as a franchise fee is reasonable, but less than brand gold to pay 10% of the amount of Maori rights is reasonable.

in franchise business friends, do not do to the amount of initial fee basis, and should be practical to assess, to make money or not as the basis, to achieve a win-win situation.

each franchisee can calculate exactly how to recommend in the heart