How to join the chain of tea brands to scale

China’s tea culture has a long history, tea is a good health care products, many investors are very optimistic about the tea market. So how to join the chain of tea brands to scale? Choose what kind of tea to join the chain brand best? Now let’s look at it together!

many choose to join the platform will often choose the so-called big brands, large enterprises. However, the choice of chain enterprises pay more attention to the scale of the system behind. To ensure that the franchisee can really operate is really good to join the brand, rather than the blind pursuit of big brands".


Second, the entire management process and function in the unity of knowledge and technology based on highly specialized, the development of enterprises no longer rely on personal experience, make the management activities become a process of division of labor and continuous.

Third, the enterprise behavior criterion, as a complete system, requires that each person in the enterprise behavior rules, ensure that each person in his own division of labor and the tasks, can follow certain procedures, to achieve the goal of quantity and quality, and to ensure the orderly determine the activities of the enterprise.

Fourth, the standardization of the management of the business links, management process, management system has become a succession of skills, get rid of because the managers of the replacement of business crisis, so as to ensure the continuity and consistency of management.

The development of

in the choice of a franchise brand key to study for management ability of the franchisee specification. And through what kind of services to achieve management standardization? Good operation of the franchise brand must establish a chain management system, so that the system manual. Operating manual related to the management of each chain, it covers all aspects of business management, so that it is easy to operate, with a regulatory role. Operating manual is the crystallization of enterprise marketing experience, is a valuable intangible assets. When the store quickly spread, the system can make the staff in unison, unified service quality. The chain store management system with international service quality standards >