How to open a barbecue shop

in the current Chinese food and beverage market, barbecue is particularly popular with people, so that the price of the product is relatively low, and eat up very atmosphere, so by the people’s favorite. If you want to start a barbecue shop, then what should we do?

1. market outlook

2. target population

3. barbecue shop features

easy operation

A simple

Because barbecue shop has obvious characteristics, the theme is clear, different from the ordinary food and beverage industry, and before the opening without a lot of publicity, business can produce consumption.

market significantly

simple management

4. shop equipment

clip, fork, shovel, the three kind of tableware is indispensable in the "Three Musketeers barbecue". A clip that is used to hold raw food; a fork, which can be used to fix and test the raw and cooked food. In addition, should also have the following equipment:

: charcoal charcoal is essential material charcoal fire. When buying charcoal, to choose smokeless barbecue charcoal, should choose more heavy, solid texture of a block of charcoal.