Suspected HV infected and wife premarital hospital infection caused by the husband hide

wife premarital premarital examination of suspected HIV infected, but together with the doctor to conceal her husband. After a month of marriage, the husband was found to be infected when checked, so the hospital and the CDC to court, questioning the doctor to conceal the disease.

man lobular last March and girlfriend lobular preparation for marriage and marriage registration in the same day, went to Yongcheng maternal and child health hospital checkups. Go after a small new wife and lobular with real. But a month later, small but was told his wife lobular has been diagnosed as HIV positive, but also may have been infected with hiv. According to report after report, new view checkups, leaflets and suspected of HIV infection, all this shows that the new signature, I was already aware of the results, but the new insisted that he always knew.

New said, when two people premarital examination report, coming out soon, but the doctor alone stopped his girlfriend leaves. In restless waiting, lobular again finished check, small new get the doctor’s answer is, all normal.

who conceal the truth   man sued the hospital and the CDC

struggling in pain after a period of time, Shin filed a lawsuit to the court, and get a copy of the inspection report from the court had premarital examination. The report shows that lobular suspected of HIV infection, and there is a small new signature, which shows that small new had been aware of this result, but the new small insisted that he always knew nothing about.

in accordance with the law and commentators say, if lobular knew their HIV infection, should timely inform the new husband. As for the medical and disease control departments, in accordance with the law, the patient should be confidential information, but the law recommended