Recommendations for opening a cold drink shop

cold drink shop need to pay attention to what business? Many franchisees want to get more business guidance. In fact, this kind of problem has always been the people often talked about, as long as a little attention, you can learn a lot of knowledge points, Xiaobian summed up some experience, I hope to help businesses do investment management business.

selected entrepreneurial directions: Master Hu a cold store in downtown Shi Liu Xiang told reporters, although not the same age level people will visit the cold store, but the main consumer is still young. Usually adjacent to the campus (the best is a technical secondary school) perhaps the flow of local people, is a good place to open this store. The Chinese people often visit the park in the summer, but also to open such shops. When the hot climate, a good place to open this kind of Wujiang River is small. Just choose a good location, summer cold drink shops do not have to worry about no business." Master Hu said.

styles: the most popular drinks in Jinhua cool cake and other varieties of course essential, other entrepreneurs, also according to the red bean (Lv Dou), peanut, hollow powder, coconut, watermelon, red dates, pineapple, quail egg, jelly, coconut milk and other ingredients, made all kinds of drinks. "Usually the price of fruit drinks is 1.5 yuan a cup, usually the price of drinks for a cup of $1. When the market wholesale Bottled Yellow Peach, coconut and other canned fruits, can make more varieties of drinks". Zhang told reporters in the city near four arches open cold store, if the shop will have space, entrepreneurs can also supply services to attract summer barbecue, eat supper customers.

occasionally chidiankui: young people summer cold drinks, usually to shop and gathering in crowds and groups, usually fixed contrast. If the operator can often choose to eat the loss of the method, it can be a long time to retain a group of customers. Eat some losses are the main methods: a bunch of people drank 10.5 yuan drinks, they received 10 yuan; 1 yuan of money usually drink, if consumers can give them, add some fruit and grain prices are relatively high; if consumers drink two or three is not enough, then please free he drink a cup. And then immediately launched 5 gifts to buy a gift of $10, to buy a gift of 3 and other cold drinks coupons.