What are the four elements of a good name

Many factors of successful

open a shop to the variety, investors also have very strict requirements, and a good name is undoubtedly a very key point. In short, whether it is to join the shop or self-employed when the boss, to the store or the company to get a good shop name is a very necessary thing. A good name of the store can play a natural propaganda effect, can play a business or a memorable effect. So how to get the name of the shop? Please follow the veteran entrepreneurs to tell you about the name of entrepreneurship.

for the enterprise, shop or product name but a university asked, this year, to play from the brand, started the name.

The first step of

, to take a good name names. In China, the general business name, mostly Emmanuel Zhaxian, or the people on the ground to name a little cautious, metropolitan to give expert advice.

secondly, before the name may wish to observe and analyze the case of their own name, brainstorm a few good names, and then consider the views of experts to choose.

if you want to obtain a good name for the master must be overwhelmed with admiration for, the following four elements:

1, image. Cooperate with the business content, shape the corporate image. If you are selling local snacks, may wish to sincerely local name, such as Tianjin "Goubuli" steamed, Guangzhou "new lizhiwan" restaurant; restaurant named stress is romantic and elegant, such as the "Green Island", "Monte Carlo" boutique; emphasizes the exquisite fashion, even adding English words etc.. I most appreciate a product name, is a hair lotion product name, called "new discovery", the product name is simply too wonderful for words, hair loss for people who want to "new discovery"?

2, interests. Value point, the more the additional interest points, the more stimulate the market. For example, rice cake named "Wangwang", children’s food store named "Lang", and many restaurants, restaurants are named after grasping the "joy or happiness", take a good name for a lucky and happy, that is. Such as "lucky" and "xiyunlai", "Fu" and "Dahong map", even Cara OK nightclub was also called "till".

3, remember. Some colloquial homonym, may wish to make use of, such as the Pavilion Pavilion — thank you, Paris Station – pack you money, or prone to Lenovo’s name, such as Sichuan Museum favorite Emei, the name of Chongqing, see note. Another such as "JJ" D& D disco, club etc..

4, rhythm. Read Shunkou nicely, rich sense of rhythm, essential condition is impressive, this name is very friendly. Such as "new Daxin department store", "White Swan Hotel", "health"