Join the chain of survival to circumvent the franchise dispute

joined the chain industry opportunities, but will encounter many problems. Want to join the chain industry to survive, to avoid joining the dispute, a reasonable solution to join the most important contradiction.

franchise this format is currently fast and continuously to the multi industry, cross regional development direction. In this trend, it is inevitable that the phenomenon of cohabitation, some of the poor quality of high priced products are set in all imports, international patents, international certification and other aura.

as hope of venture investment franchisee, in choosing to join the brand, must not be negligent, to study, investigation, analysis and evaluation in accordance with standard procedures, it is best to consult to peer.

and the franchisee, the franchisee unauthorized transfer of the franchise, because of the transfer of third party business status, operation ability and development potential do not understand, because the transfer of franchise brands may be affected. The dispute between the two sides will therefore rise. In fact, the legal relationship of the franchise contract is actually the relationship, this is the premise and foundation of the franchise signed a franchise contract the parties must pay attention to the details of the contract, contract must be clear, can think of the best are specified in the contract.

trademark issues must also pay attention to. Direct infringement of trademark, trademark and enterprise name right dispute and so on have emerged in the field of franchise, especially some franchise operators intentional tort, hold "take brand ride" mentality. Franchisee slightly careless, choose the brand to operate, the consequences can be imagined.