Henan green building brings green benefits

in the face of the serious air pollution adhere to the principle of sustainable development is an imperative thing, although many places all know, but in Henan this situation, actively made relevant measures. Henan green building brings green benefits, at present, the province has a total of 22 million 220 thousand square meters, green building evaluation criteria for the 147 projects. Both environmental protection and energy saving advantages, improve the life quality of space, green building is gradually adorn the Central Plains of china.

8 10, from the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction news, with the second batch of 11 green building labeling project released, since this year the assessment of green building in our province identification project has reached 25, a total area of 4 million 312 thousand and 200 square meters.

green building brings "green" benefits

in the eastern section of Wenfeng Avenue, Anyang, there is a tall on the building is very eye-catching, the red house of the people four characters particularly eye-catching. Why is it tall? Follow the footsteps of reporters, as you can see, there is solar photovoltaic power supply system, ground source heat pump system of underground garage, set light guide lighting and building water reuse system, embodies the "green" concept, the interpretation of the essence of green building.

data show that China’s current building energy consumption ratio of 40%, and with the further advance of urbanization, the proportion of building energy consumption will continue to expand. Green building is in the whole life of the building, to maximize resource conservation, environmental protection and pollution reduction, to provide people with health, application and efficient use of space, and the harmonious coexistence of nature.

green building projects have been built in our province highlights the effectiveness of energy-saving emission reduction. After comprehensive calculation, green building per million square meters annual savings of about 240 tons of standard coal, our province has been running identified 8 million 40 thousand square meters of green building, the annual savings of nearly 200 thousand tons of standard coal, about 400000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, reducing the dust of nearly 2000 tons, has great environmental, economic and social benefits.

real money to support green building

latest statistics released by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the number of green building assessment in our province and the number of people living in the forefront of the country. Development of green building, the province is the real money reward.

province of housing and urban construction department, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "opinions" on accelerating the implementation of our province to promote the construction of green housing development, emphasize the green building investment, from 2015 to 2017 the provincial finance project for green building operation signs, per square meter recommended Awards