Tea shop how to name the name of a creative tea shop name

fashion tea, is the favorite of young people, open a tea shop, small business, easy operation. Now there are a lot of friends want to open a tea shop, milk tea shop name? How to make a good name for your shop? Today Xiaobian to introduce you to a few creative tea shop name.

1. fingertips tea

2. ice

3. forget

4. a cup of milk tea

5. aftertaste milk tea

6.1:1:1 milk tea

7. gold milk tea

8. thousands of miles outside the tea shop

9. love milk tea

10. Summer Fragrance milk tea shop

11. warm

12. love cup tea

13. excellent flavor milk tea


Qin Tian


16. fragrance square

17. fresh milk house

18. pearl love

19. wanted Cupid

20. heart print