The Mid Autumn Festival is not easy to start 4 projects recommended hot

look at the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and thought that the autumn harvest season is in progress, do you have a clue? Not afraid, afraid to do business! Golden ideas, different from other traditional entrepreneurial projects, has its own unique advantages and characteristics, to get rich quick! Xiao Bian today to give you some inspiration, take a look at the following 4 does not want to get rich to have entrepreneurial golden ideas


entrepreneurial golden ideas program?? separation agency, as with the other half say "Bye Bye"

Beijing a "separation agency", Lin said, he started to do part-time separation agency from the beginning of this year, 5 months has been successfully split " 4 pairs of lovers. Such service charges 100-500 yuan each. He believes that breaking up the agency to use their strengths to help people deal with the break up, at least through their own psychological counseling skills to help each other to reduce the emotional pain caused by breaking up.

: project risk

golden idea entrepreneurial projects?? creative shops, by organizing the game to make money

Tizhedenglong noctivagant, a person on the road, the pumpkin in the digital Puzzle Mat do yoga body shape…… These interesting little game from the north of the city of Hangzhou by a college founded by " C-UP’, golden ideas entrepreneurial projects, creative shops, as long as a month to spend 15 yuan of money can become their members, to participate in various activities and special evening free.

: project risk

entrepreneurial gold idea project, the new project for a second tier city to make money, and the more the young students can contact the resources of the investors are more likely to succeed.

entrepreneurial gold idea project?? tissue into gold paper painting: let her make a

300 thousand

hordes of children fell on the table, right hand holding a pair of tweezers, left hand sharpened bamboo, from time to time out of the bottle > color pigment