Zhengzhou City Housing Authority convenience services

in life, a lot of departments, plays an important role for the broad masses of the people’s lives, provides great convenience. This time, the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Authority for the current status of a society, actively introduced a number of convenience measures to serve the broad masses of the people. So, Zhengzhou City Housing Authority of the convenience of services which?

pay maintenance fund, can be applied in advance, convenience service vehicles into the community; do mortgage, to the bank on the line; query property archives business surge, the establishment of temporary window…… Yesterday morning, the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Authority to carry out publicity activities outside the hall in the East, and the introduction of a new temporary window of convenience services, welcomed by the public to come to business.

according to the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Authority, the office of the relevant person in charge of the East, the recent surge in the volume of real estate archives. For the convenience of the masses, improve efficiency, the city Housing Authority special information on the opening of the provisional window 12. He also reminded that, for the query business people, but also in Jianshe Road and Baihua road Real Estate Hotel 11 buildings Nanyang record room, North Ring Road southwest corner of Tsinghua Yuan business building North Housing Service Hall of the query window, can query.

pay maintenance fund is also popular business. The deposit of the Housing Authority Chief maintenance fund management center Yu Yang introduced, the current pay maintenance fund in addition to the original 6 locations, can also apply in advance by the developers, the Housing Authority will be to the sales offices for site owners for maintenance fund to pay from the owners and developers back and forth.

for real estate mortgage business, often queuing into the hall. Liu Tao, deputy director of the Municipal Housing Authority Mortgage Management Office said that the current Municipal Housing Authority and the notary department has established an information sharing platform to improve the level of risk prevention and control. People in the 6 banks can apply for mortgage business (list attached), there is no need to go to the Housing Authority, to ease the problem of multi window service hall people nervous.

this time, the Zhengzhou City Housing Authority’s convenience services include 3: the amount of property archives inquiries surge, pay maintenance fund is also popular business, for real estate mortgage business, often queuing up to the hall. In view of this, the general public can be resolved quickly in the Housing Authority, do not have to run to and fro.

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