Henan railway five years M word network radiation more than half of China

"to the rich first Road Railway" is the great revolutionary teacher Comrade Deng Xiaoping said, the fact that it is, in the increasingly close economic exchanges today, only to strengthen their own development is the kingly way. Is the main artery and critical infrastructure for economic development, under the new economic normal, accelerate railway construction on the steady growth and preserving the situation, adjust the structure to the way to keep is of great significance to sustained and healthy economic and social development.

Henan is the country’s major railway hub, the provincial government has always attached great importance to the construction of railway construction in recent years, with Zhengzhou as the center of the M shaped high-speed rail network, to further highlight the advantages of an integrated transport hub.

– Secretary of the provincial Party committee in June 1, 2016, Xie Fuzhan, chairman of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China in Zhengzhou, met with on the railway

from "one" to "ten" to "m" word, a large high-speed railway network is the ancient Central Plains on the earth in full swing. This includes both the dream into the reality of joy, but also the opportunity to ignite the passion, some people enjoy the benefits, some people feel convenient, there is no doubt that Henan’s rice word blueprint is gradually popular.

today published the Oriental today reported · mammoth news Party Congress special report Henan story third.

a M word network radiation more than half of China

in September 10th, sitting in Zhengzhou sent to Fuzhou G1908 train, 66 year old Yang Jiwu looked out the window at the passing landscape, goosebumps. This is a day of Zheng Xu high-speed rail opening day, I "m shaped high-speed rail network" ten "shaped skeleton form, as an old railway, he witnessed the train from 60 kilometers per hour speed to 350 kilometers per hour, said Yang Jiwu finally realized his dream for many years.

Yang Jiwu is Kaifeng, Zheng Xu high-speed rail opened, high-speed rail opened his own home, from Zhengzhou to Kaifeng only 20 minutes, from Kaifeng to Shanghai, Hangzhou only need more than an hour. Let Yang proud that his son Yang Zhenzheng is an EMU drivers.

and Yang Jiwu Zhu Ping of joy from pride, for the convenience of travel, work in Zhengzhou, a trading company year-round throughout his run, he said, Zheng Xu high-speed railway to Shanghai, Nanjing, their future is more convenient.

and general speed train compared to high-speed rail speed, high comfort, when a few hours in a hurry up; compared with the aircraft, the high-speed railway is more punctual, rarely appear late, generally choose to travel by plane is rarely under the condition of high iron."

Zhu Ping said that with the years of Gao Tiejian