How to calculate the cost of joining the problem

is part of the reason why entrepreneurs entrepreneurs to join the market in order to realize their own value, and the vast majority of entrepreneurs is to make money, so the cost of joining the computing problem, entrepreneurs have invested 100% attention.

how to determine the appropriate fees, the headquarters is a very key problem, it directly affects the smooth development of franchise business. Because investors are usually very sensitive to the cost, the cost is too high, investors can not get the expected profit, naturally will not be interested in the business, even if joined in, will soon quit.

if the cost is too low, or even irreparable damage to earnings based, services provided by expenses, will The loss outweighs the gain. In any case, the headquarters should be as soon as possible to come up with a reasonable fee plan to determine the level of fees and charges to join in order to develop a reasonable budget, to make up for its management costs, and to achieve adequate profitability.

join to pay the cost of joining headquarters generally include the following categories:

1. affiliate gold.

2. margin.

3. royalty.

is headquarters of the stores operating guidance fee charged by franchisees pay. Calculation method of royalty according to different industries, such as convenience stores for gross margin of 30% – 50%, fast food is generally 5% – 10% of sales, rental rental income 6% – 8%; pub by shop space charge, and fixed fee package etc..

4. liquidated damages.

if you breach of contractual obligations and prohibitions, according to the provisions of the contract to the aggrieved party to pay liquidated damages as compensation.

5. other charges.