People move to move to live the dead station website

straight into the subject, many friends will encounter such problems in the development of the website, the website big space is not stable or lack of capacity, traffic and not enough IIS or server security, system and so on, this time the issue also appeared, moving the site will have a negative impact on the website? A:! If the operation errors, the keyword of the website rankings and included will receive great influence, is down right or even by scavenging engine. What is the solution? A: ~! I will put some tips I tried to share with you all, what are the deficiencies pointed out, please reply to point out.

1, before moving to the station, first determine whether your other space is stable or not. What’s the speed?. If it’s still pretty much the same as before, it’s not worth it.

2, moved, don’t put the original program and has generated HTML page to delete, so as not to cause the website to delete false to engine.

3, in another space test is correct, then the meter refers to is not over, and then determine the dual directional path, if you want to change the column stand after the move, so better to do a link to the original static pages removed, to give the engine a buffer time, in order to ensure the your space access speed increase, improve the quality of the page, you will find that you stand in the engine there is very active, can basically meet the daily update


: lessons from two stations to test, a (, another (, the first in accordance with the above said to do, second, the original static pages generated completely removed, and the website was revised to be punished cause included a sharp decline in page engine.

postscript: in the webmaster network after looking at the web path optimization method, and tried. The optimization of the word "QQ" space material, because the domain name, and the column address corresponding to remove the program comes with original path, adhere to the update after 15 days, the word ranking from 70 page back to the second page sixth now, and rising in.

finally thank ADMIN5 webmaster network, let me here and we can continue to communicate, continue to learn, growing.