Online promotion of medical websites

Many methods of

network promotion, saw an expert summed up the one hundred kinds of methods, some people put these one hundred kinds of methods are tried, the result is not ideal, because not everyone is a useful, different site, different location, so the audience is not the same, so we should be targeted, according to different industry site, take a different approach, so as to promote the network of medical website should pay attention to what


first team member. The establishment of a team of medical web promotion teams requires us to think seriously, and everyone needs to have everyone’s role. According to each person’s work, the division of labor is different. We can initially identify members of the team.

1, website planning and operation personnel, have certain data analysis ability, and website planning experience and market experience, familiar with customer needs, understand the market.

2, a web programmer, is responsible for the preparation of some programs, according to the complexity of the site function to recruit appropriate level of programmers.

3, a website artist, designed to meet the UED page, and is responsible for some of the company’s pictures, flash, PDF, AVI and other web material processing.

4, website editor 1-2, responsible for web site updates, soft writing and publishing.

5, network promotion personnel 1-2. Such as friendship links, blog, BBS signature, soft text, search engine optimization, message and other ways of promotion.

The SEO team such as

has great scalability and flexibility, for example, it can be transformed into a website operation team. If each member of the team can become a master of their work, then the team’s strength will be immeasurable.

second promotion method. The medical website promotion methods should be targeted, must pay attention to 2 points: first, to identify the object, the increase customer trust. Of course, increase customer trust is not Kengpian others, as a medical site owner, hospital must have a strong, powerful technology, through the network marketing to promote, this is true for the sake of patients, otherwise, it is irresponsible, bluff and deceive, such hospitals lack is not for a long time.

I will explain below

through other Thai hospital network promotion, Thai hospital network marketing is very successful, many of which is worth learning.

1, soft Wen promotion. In some high traffic forum write soft text, serial, such as Sian female BBS, Sohu, 163, mop, Tom and other websites to promote, expand popularity,

2, blog promotion. Select some PR value high blog, such as Sina, pr=7, Sohu, pr=7163, pr=7, bokee, pr=7 and other blogs contain a large number of users, in these sites to open a large number of blogs, and add a lot of friends, write soft text for push >