Talking about the nternet related days in the past three years

in such a world, the competition is fierce, but inside the school I was not fully aware of this, in 07 years or in disorderly fashion to college, my dream is to go to the advertising company or magazine, newspaper as an art editor, who took the school the work do a advertising company, magazine interview, for their full confidence and I think they are great, but only once again rebuffed, they gradually realize that, for those who, I have to be naive and arrogant. So I began to choose a low-key, no longer seemed so unassuming, also found no experience is difficult to find their ideal occupation, every day go to the talent market, so I’m not picky, maybe I just need a chance, a springboard to someone I can learn something tired also can. Finally, I found a job that wasn’t quite in line with my original idea – Web designer.


and my major had something to do with it, but I was really tired of this job, because it had also been playing summer work done while the web, really understand the requirements of software and knowledge, rather than just a design, and then I PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, DIV+CSS, JS a familiar, no way, in order to survive, I still cherish this job opportunity, although their food can be, no one can ask one day, crustily skin of head work, by the customer grumble, come back at night in watching the video tutorial own rental house, at that time felt at the university is just in the waste of life. Probably did 07 years in November, the boss of the company as the business does not go alone, run away, dragged on for two months wages not made, do more than two months has only made more than 500 dollars, my tears ah. Fortunately, I did not want to graduate to earn money, although more than two months did not make money, but enthusiastic colleagues or helped me a lot, so that I learned a lot of knowledge during that time. It is because of these two months of experience and accumulation of work, so that I successfully find a job. The probation period when I got the first sum of 1500 wages, when the money get in the hands of I suddenly felt that is not true, he had also value the number, out of the company building was delighted to call Dad: "I pay!", the night went to the KFC little harm to yourself now, remember that time really silly ah. So began the occupation of web art career, boring and tedious work, make people feel tired, but no way. I just go to work and work every day, but I don’t know where my tomorrow is, but it’s two years for me to do such work.

in the 08 year, in addition to the work I go to work every day on the Internet to find business opportunities, how to easily make money? It, found that each a way of earning money to assume certain risks, must have enough courage, now I haven’t found a way to quickly and easily profit. One day with an older man