Personal suggestions on Web page making

it’s hard to imagine how many home pages it is now, and it’s hard to imagine how many people are eager to have their own main face – surfing the web is like a sea in the pages of a personal homepage –


I was engaged in graphic design, but never do a personal homepage, although both the FrontPage, or "Dreamweaver" I have used very well, there are three reasons: one is no time, no energy and main surface too much, no interest in participating in the competition, the three is now home too "hasty" see annoying, I do not want to fall". I surf the Internet for a long time, back and forth, regardless of the website or homepage has seen many, summed up personal thoughts and advice of friends, get the following suggestions, hoping to have some help to "making friends.

1, clear,

home page design is not very difficult: and all the graphic design works, don’t let the audience see giddy! That is to say, there must be the main information you need to communicate, let people can in a very short period of time all the main content of the page. The function of the home page is like the cover of the book and the packing of the product to attract the audience to see the contents. Therefore, the design of the home page should be clear and clear, and make sure that there are too many unnecessary details on the screen, making the screen too complicated. The page should clearly list the products or services offered, and the main content of the home page. Like all graphic work, the first impression of a page is very important, and if it doesn’t capture the audience for the first time, it’s hard to stop and watch the content.

2, consider

more for guests

once the audience to open your home page link, he will be your guest, of course, you can not be too rude. This page: now most of the guests are using Internet, so they usually have to spend a long time waiting for the download page. At this time the feeling is called…… The home is so called wistfully! (the greater the download speed slower). Usually, the text is transmitted faster, while the image is relatively slow, and the larger the image, the deeper the color, the longer the page is sent. If the loading time more than twenty seconds, your guests may be angry, even go off in a huff.

don’t just chase results, speed is also important. The best color is not more than twelve, the top of the page image is best to stay below 10KB. Don’t use too much of the image, image can be one or two pieces of short. In making web pages, be sure to consider the speed of the page, it is best to try the slightly worse conditions of transmission speed.

In addition,

don’t take the guest computer imagine too high, it is possible that his displays do not reach you, or he doesn’t have some advanced software to browse, and many guests love not to download pictures, so you should imagine the effect of home run in these situations, and make corresponding measures.

think more about the guest and he’ll be happy