Talking about the standard of distance between page elements in B2B industry website

this chapter mainly tell us between B2B industry Web page elements to distance, text and pictures, content and frame distance distance, page and screen distance, in fact, this part is both simple and complex, because we usually browse the web, newspapers, periodicals, books, TV etc. the media, also have a basic understanding between text and pictures, content and frame distance. If you give everyone a web page, the elements on the page is too wide or too tight, you can also understand and be able to propose amendments. But the product manager, professional design production staff, the management of the company, we need to be highly focused on details of the distance between the pages of every element in the wrong place, should be highly sensitive, revised proposal right.

1, the basic knowledge of the distance between the elements of the web

this section is a good guide to the distance between the elements, so that you can understand the page design standards in essence.

There is a certain distance between the

A element to reading: this should be read from the user behavior to consider, in our sight to see different content, there is a certain distance between page elements, to reasonable to distinguish and identify the different points of each element, a better reading experience.

The approximate distance between

B elements: This is very difficult to have a unified standard, but according to my survey on the page layout analysis, generally between 8PX-20PX, such as: the page title bar and the title bar of the distance is generally 10PX, between the pages of information and information navigation links with the distance, in general 8PX-12PX, between the navigation page information link and frame distance is generally not less than 10PX. Specific in the back to explain in detail, at least not less than 5PX, otherwise read very tired.

C blank is the needs of design: open a web page, the user would like to see some empty space, white is not white, but that only shows the background color, if the background color is white, white is white. The blank can make the reader’s attention to focus on the content, more levels, such as the recommended information title, around the blank than the ordinary not recommended content space around the more, this is the designer of intentionally and, the purpose is to remind the user, this is the focus of the content.

D all logically identical elements have the same distance: for example, a web page, the first screen text and frame distance is 15PX, the second screen still should be the same, not the same form into 8PX, the input box from the left input text content from the same, for example for 10PX, there can be some input box distance is larger, this is caused not aligned to make the page look out of order, the lack of beauty.

2 the general standard of distance between text and picture