New station to increase friendship links improve PR a method

have gone through difficult hardships, finally the website design is good, jubilant into the ranks of the webmaster, but trouble has come, how to make search engines faster included site, improve the site’s PR? Links is to speed up the search engines, an important factor to improve the PR value, how to find Links? A new station, just set up soon, to be included not included, PR is not PR, then look at the other site conditions, the major search engines, PR number, the first single limit to live alone PR,

how to do?In fact,

on the network Links resources is many, the site is one of a very good free resources, no requirement on the website Web site, as long as do other links will be approved, (the most famous site is hao123, but it is not too realistic, they didn’t want to join the hao123) what constraints, as long as do the connection, he will be included, and each point of a link, your site will be the first row, the search engine to find their website to your link will speed up the collection of your site, will bring traffic, okay. As for what web sites on the network, you can go to to see, these are only part of them, more content to rely on everyone to look carefully.

don’t think they joined over, want to let search engine collected as soon as possible as soon as possible to the website PR value to go up, have to pay for some time. The search engine is generally at 12 noon and 12 in the evening activities more frequently, at this time the search engine crawl sites, then you have to put links to row to the first page before, let search engine as soon as possible to find links to a web site, so many links to your site, but also not afraid of crawling web site.

this way may take many times to be found by search engines, need to wait patiently, and stick to it. My website is doing so, every day at noon and 12 p.m. before all the links again, spent two months, there is no PR information to the current PR=3, the major search engines included normal. I believe the next PR value update will be harvested. My website, the 12 movie network,, would be interested to have a look.