Where should China’s garbage station owners go from here

garbage dump? What’s a garbage dump? I don’t talk much about it,.

is now an Internet tells the development of the era, I think rather than a dumpster to tell the development of the era. Baidu, GOOGLE station everywhere. Enter the website, content and title actually completely do not coincide, and ads, popups, virus everywhere. I do not understand what these in the webmaster want? Is Baidu want to rape, or want to rape our lovely friends (like rape Baidu, sooner or later will be Baidu. Net rape is our power station). Why make yourself stand become garbage? If one day without Baidu, without GOOGLE, you will have a flow station


how to make garbage station garbage? Your site content is not original, but please respect the original, please put ads famous source. It is the webmaster no ground for blame, after all, the source of the economy. But please don’t let the ads look fried eyes! Keep coming back is our webmaster should do. Everyday 10 a repeat, in fact, than those every day to the 1000IP site has more advantages.

SEO now is not a sacred topic, Wang Tong has also been appointed as more and more people is not so far fetched.Seo is not wrong, with SEO money also not wrong. After all, we need a life. But necessary to keep the knife from the garbage site. Because these garbage a day sooner or later will irritate us the search engine will provoke us net. Baidu now has become increasingly difficult to collect new sites, more and more of the station was K, I would like some webmaster to cold understand the truth. As the saying goes, often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes. You refuse the webmaster, please good for you.

heard that Baidu began to "green certification". Perhaps one day no certification station disappeared in the Baidu search engine. In order to improve the user experience (the user is God), it need to eliminate the dumpster! Only good way not found, no perfect technology, or has not been released. But Amoy the state will trash has become a trend. So you refuse station, please take care of yourself, let yourself not in the garbage landfill site.

needs to be serious, responsible, and not to collect +seo= dollars.

hope that through the efforts of the webmaster, let the network of this home more than a quiet and beautiful.

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