Web site is not in the first place not necessarily drop the right

web site is not in the first page, not necessarily the home page weight is reduced. This is my personal experience, feeling, not necessarily right, write out, we exchange. One of my PS station, SEO station by a month, from the search engine to hundreds of IP, this IP every day, for those who do the flow of heroes, not worth mentioning, but I am a novice, with SEO optimization, from search engines to so many IP that was really happy one.

but not long after, open Baidu site see included, and found that the home page actually not in the first place. Depressed ah, see online predecessors say home sink, is K, drop right. Quickly to traffic statistics, the day after tomorrow to see, traffic is less than half, only dozens of. The mood was so painful that I wondered. I did not cheat you, Baidu ah, how K I ah, really do not understand ah,


but I didn’t give up. I kept updating my website every day. I updated dozens of articles every day, and then I wrote blogs to send links. The result is more strange, I send the article that day, Baidu immediately included. And its strange is that if you do not update the article that day, home page in the first place, if updated articles were included, the home page down, do not understand!


so, I insist for two weeks, to today, the flow back, and a few hundred, happy. I found in the statistics, are not from the home page, but from every page of the article. Remember before the flow is from the home page. Through the above experience, I think the home page sink is not necessarily website weight drop, perhaps your web site article page weight improved. This can not certainly confirmed how, here we have the same experience written for webmaster friends encourage each other, don’t give up, insist on doing it


the article is not very good, there is no clue, but it is my most real experience, experience, experience. Poor writing, I hope you’ll excuse me,

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