The site was BADU after the collection of feeling

my web Tutorial Station was collected two days ago in June 11th by Baidu, and I got up early that morning. As a novice webmaster for me, not included in the station before, perhaps the most anticipated thing than the site was Baidu and GG included, and GG in the second days of submission included. Here, I am very grateful to GG, because in Baidu did not included before, it is GG gave me hope, I think every webmaster should have the same experience and feelings,


to tell you the truth, from my web tutorials to Baidu to Baidu included more than 1 months of long years, I thought a lot. Has been silently ask yourself, I exactly where wrong, before others to do web site, and not too concerned about whether Baidu included, they also have no strong requirements, but soon included.

I think there’s a reason for it. When we do a website that doesn’t care about ranking, we don’t bother to think about SEO, keywords, and so on, and we don’t rush to submit. When it’s finally perfected, it comes back to search engines like Baidu and Google. Note that at this time your website has been perfect and stable, will not easily change the title of the site or layout, this is undoubtedly the search engine spiders and is very stable and clear, so the site will soon be included.

another point is new sites, try not to recommend yourself in the Baidu post bar or Q & a website, so that it is easy for Baidu misunderstood. I wrote so many points today, three points:

1, in the domain name submitted to Baidu, must ensure that the site’s home page title and important column title, don’t change again, layout also don’t move. Even if the website has been collected, also do not change easily. Unless you don’t care whether it’s included or not.

two, new sites as far as possible not in Baidu post bar or know inside propaganda own domain name. Can change a very subtle way to allow users to take the initiative to find your domain name.

three, insist on updating your website every day. Like every day we have to face brush; wife sometimes ask me, you update the site every day, why don’t I update ah, ha ha): maybe she is my feeling about her too little of it, indeed, are free or spend more time with a girlfriend or wife, don’t be like me every day staring at the computer. Reprinted please indicate:

A5 starter, thanks A5 for us to provide such good communication and contribution platform ~