Several elements to consider in site planning

site planning at the beginning of the station is very important, allowing yourself to have a correct understanding of the site, so that the site more competitive. Here, let us know how to do a good job of the site’s pre planning.

The infrastructure of the

web site

is simply to build content based web sites, or additional interactive interactive BBS model, the content is also divided into pictures, text, multimedia, audio-visual and other types. After the content of the website, whether to increase the comment function and add the current popular DIGG function, these are the concrete forms of the website architecture which need to be considered.

Consider a

site model, first from its location and content, most of the current site is the main content, and then provide a framework such as forum, SNS, blog and other auxiliary platform. This type of architecture is adopted by all kinds of portal websites.

simple architecture and management are essential to a personal website. Site planning is needed to understand whether architecture is easy to implement, and whether the convenience of management, the structure of the web site to the user ease of use as the main purpose, rather than the pursuit of technological innovation, leading to the site is too complex.

Selection of

site building program

if it is content based web site, you can choose to access PHPCMS, DEDECMS and other special website procedures, they are more suitable for making information type site. If the site is inclined to communicate with users, you can choose Discuz, PHPwind or mobile forums and other programs to build.

we can also use the content management system to build the main station and use the forum program to build the communication community. This is a more complete schema.

Design of

website style

even today, web site design has been widely used, the web page design is still very important. Many websites are templates with exactly the same style, which is very detrimental to the visitor’s experience. Such easy to cause the website to be homogenized, does not have own style and the characteristic. Good web design will greatly increase the credibility of your web site. Due to the current site of the most use of content management program, usually through the design of program specific page templates, then implanted site procedures, so in the content update and revision of the website is more convenient.

1. site layout

in the web site planning, we should pay attention to the overall layout of the coordination, and in line with the site’s positioning, from the simple and practical starting. Some new website will often "do a very fancy, covered with a variety of styles and effects, this is often counterproductive.

2. is simple and easy to use,

website to have affinity and professionalism, a page color shoulds not be too much, not more than five is appropriate. The page clutter also includes web pages that use the web for the winter