Social media and station of personal blog site ranking effect


was A5 study site, "no legs cramp, waist pain, but also strong ranking" today with site tools check our site keywords "Wuhan SEO Consultant" has come to the home page, ranking ninth; although the keyword index is very small, but to we are full of confidence, it is mainly want to challenge the "Wuhan website optimization" the keywords "but now he hasn’t disappeared, this is not what, as a new station more than 30 days time, if now I have a ranking that is not normal.


now the site data show that efforts were not in vain, Google PR2, Baidu snapshot of the day, these days traffic surge, changes in the past few days but really big ah, now the analysis of the data at this time to the station.

first said PR, in the first few days of the station, the analysis of Google’s PR to update, but fortunately in the rush to update before the line, but this is not deliberately arranged. I just wrote an article about the prediction of Google PR update a few days PR was updated, article see: the 2013 Google PR big update is coming, are you ready?, the original address: the Google is face, PR to 2, a new line is to 2, really awesome, like a Google.

said in the Alexa Rankings, from the original 3 to ten million million is now down to hundreds of thousands of such rapid progress, I analyze the reasons mainly is the point the day and await for it, the 2 aspects of the


1, this site is the site optimization category of the site, visitors are owners, and owners of the most browsers have long Alexa tools, this is the reason why the data quickly rise, because only with the tools of the browser to report this to the top ranking.

2 is my site is a good site recommended in the Admin5 article see:, can I believe these are the webmaster people to access to this data, the ranking not only to rise, there is a terrible traffic surge, can see A5 strong not boast.

The direct consequences of

, snapshot updates in hours, often check the snapshot is "dozens of minutes ago", 1 hours ago, and so on, it is terrible; I even a little doubt that this will go wrong. Because before that, my snapshot has been parked at 1, 27, and these days are quite different. The rest is micro-blog to flow, has been the main flow of the site, since the site installed share button, social media flow on the flow of the arrival. So the power of social media will sooner or later replace search engines