Beverage investment WeChat public account promotion and profit model

WeChat marketing experts believe that WeChat is one of the latest marketing tools, with its precision, fast and autonomous by enterprises welcome. WeChat public platform every day can send a graphic information, to the mobile Internet provides a low frequency and effective promotion channels. In the advertisement marketing more and more attention to sub groups and interactive communication era, has become the enterprise network marketing preferred vertical industry WeChat public account well.

wine wine well-known media network that widely distributed type is different from micro-blog, WeChat’s future marketing is posted, so WeChat needs more real and accurate groups of fans, so that they can produce real feedback and effect. The wine network to attract users precise promotion in the micro signal, do research and meticulous efforts. Vintage network micro signal (jszspt) audience positioning research focus on development of the liquor industry, liquor marketing consulting agency concerned and personnel concerned, liquor products investment agents, wineries and distributors, first of all to ensure the accuracy of the fans group.

Vintage WeChat public account (jszspt) as follows:


1, take the website with WeChat

as the liquor industry vertical network media, the wine net start all the liquor industry will include wine and liquor dealers, wine exhibition institutions and liquor marketing consulting institutions, enterprises and individuals as the service object, focus on wine brand success and news reported case, provide the logic of success for reference to study; wine industry development trend and dynamic external environment, provide the liquor brand shaping and promotion plan. After a group of professional media efforts, wine network has become the liquor business product promotion, marketing promotion, access to information and data platform of choice, become China wine industry close to the consumer, consumers understand the important bridge Chinese wine industry and the window. Vintage network giant user group naturally become loyal fans and micro-blog official sources "wine merchants" micro signal.

two, take micro-blog, WeChat

wine net official micro-blog opened at the beginning of the industry has been a huge concern, through good interaction with the online wine enterprises and wine marketing consultancy, the number of fans are true and accurate has been in a steady growth state. The opening of "wine marketing" WeChat account, micro-blog released the official wine network behind each Bowen will add micro signal of the two-dimensional code, so as to attract the original micro-blog fans to join WeChat, become "wine merchants" WeChat account of the first wave of fans, and attract new fans of micro-blog increased to join in, Everfount expand WeChat account groups of fans.

three, micro-blog, WeChat "Nurturing" website

all forms of media when the media aggregation effect reaches a certain scale, its dissemination value arises, as a close interaction with the user’s micro-blog and WeChat platforms, to a great extent on the wine Network >