How to do a monthly income of hundreds of thousands of baby shop

again you may not be familiar with, smooth and elastic taste amazing how to eat delicious, so a lot of people are going to try to open a shop again, but not every shop who can make money, today we say is a very shop in the boss, a monthly income is hundreds of thousands, don’t believe how a baby store can have so much income, come take a look at how people are operating.

The small shop is famous


in Chongqing, Yubei District Jin Kai Avenue Blue Lake County community, there is a seemingly insignificant roadside shop, named Yu Han boutique private kitchen, Mo look at this shop is only 100 square meters, has long been known.

"we have opened more than 3 years, there is no season, often outside the door to put the table before the line." Mr Tsang said that many people are attracted to come to eat, shop a month can sell about 300000 yuan turnover in the industry can be said to be a miracle.

although the shop area is not large, but very clean, transparent kitchen is very conspicuous, slightly counted in the kitchen cooks have 9 people, there are two tables of young diners are a table for dinner, beside the wall, a TV is playing the store all the ingredients from the "original" farm purchasing picture. In front of the road, but also parked a few Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Audi and other luxury cars.

drive away the tea bowl with the customer

Yu Han boutique private chef, China culinary masters Yuan Hongtao said, the store is well known, in addition to taste and special dishes with water broth, hot mix broth is a must, there is a boss great personality.

he said, the boss of the store food safety requirements, many people in the restaurant, it is wonderful. He asked all vegetables must be cleaned more than three times; all the boiling water, have to go through the advanced filter filter and then boil; all utensils must be strictly disinfected and then put into the disinfection cabinet.

once to seven or eight guests, some 1000 yuan dishes, the waiter after tea, one of the guests pouring the tea in the bowl to wash the dishes, he immediately after the last stop, ask her to eat.

did not expect the guest or go its own way, finally, have made a surprising move for all, directly into the table away, don’t give them vegetables. "This is not a trust in our store, it’s an insult to me." Mr Tsang said. Similar to the wonderful practice, but also spread a lot of lakes.

do not worry about eating

"I can say that customers are interested in pricing