Forum spam replies simple summary

some time ago, the forum spam is very crazy, mainly published on post reply form, N years ago posts have been turned out, the forum The atmosphere was foul..

has changed a lot in the following steps:

1, the registration link name changes, garbage registration significantly reduced, garbage users shrink.

2, delayed posting, registration can not immediately post, spam users flinch.

3, post verification, the number of garbage reduction, the previous frenzied dozens of replies generally become 1-2 posts.

4, collect, screen some spam, keyword, word filter.

5, the previous spam gag or shield.

now, every forum spam reply has very little, often see online members, spam reply before users in unauthorized access and there does not stop unauthorized access and unauthorized access…… It is cheerful,


not good, light happy, their BBS for several days forgot to post the top post, ha ha,